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24 December 2016

Туристические Достопримечательность в Индонезии


Okay, in this time i want to share about Indonesiaaaa.... woow
Sorry i not using Russian language because я могу немного говорит по руский hehe

Why Indonesia? because this is my country. I born in here and i live in here.

If you want to traveled here, you must visit this place

Ok lets begin, check this out. This is Indonesia

1. Bali

This is the most popular tourist attraction. In here, you can visit many place. Beach, mountain, lake and more. You can live quietly here. Bali is very beautiful, очень красивый...

You can visit many beach in here. Indonesia is tropical country, too many beautiful beach, volcano mountain, and jungle in here. So if you want to traveling, backpacking or vacation in here,you can visit many place. Dont worry about lodging, many hotel, hostel or resort in here. Start from low budget until high budget.

Resort on Bali

Resort on Bali
 Indonesia is rich country, many natural resource, many culture, and many more (many corruptor too).
Balinese Culture

Agung Mountain and The Temple

Как? это бали, From Moscow to Bali, you can flight from DME (Domodedovo) - DPS (Denpasar). Or from Jakarta, you can flight from CGK (Soekarno-Hatta) - DPS (Denpasar).
Bali Locations

2. Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is located in eastern Indonesia. Eh, no. This is heaven. Heaven in Indonesia...

Sea, islands, fish, coral reef, and more. This is heaven. Raja Ampat is good place for diving and swimming.
One Side on Raja Ampat
You can see Blue sky, blue sea, green islands, drinking coconut water. You getting peace in here.
Resort on Raja Ampat

Resort on Raja Ampat
If you want to take a good photo on the sea or islands, Raja Ampat is the good place for you.
Mr.President on Raja Ampat
You can reach Raja Ampat from Jakarta, and then you can flight to Maluku or Papua, after that you can cross the archipelago by boats or ferry.
The Location of Raja Ampat

3. Bangka Belitung

If in the east side we have Raja Ampat, in the west side we have Bangka Belitung. Yeah, this is small islands but very beautifull. Indonesia is very large, too large. But not like Russia, Russia is the largest country in this earth. Haha

Bangka Belitung is located on the south of Singapore. So if you want to visit Bangka Belitung, you can visit Singapore too, thats very close. From Bangka then crossing Riau archipelago and then Singapore.



Indonesia has many beautiful beaches and islands. 1 Month would not be enough to traveling in Indonesia.

Location of Bangka Belitung (Red Colour)

4. Nusa Tenggara

One word for this place "wonderful". I cant give many word for this place because i never visit in here :'( . Nusa Tenggara has one of the wonders of the world. You can see the biggest lizzard in the world, it called "Komodo Dragon". This dinosaur still alive until now. You can see them in komodo island and rinca island.

Nusa Tenggara located on the east side from Bali. You can see many things in this place, not only dinosaur. Beaches, mountain, lake, culture, and more. I said Indonesia is rich country.

Pink Beach
Every islands in Indonesia has a beautiful beach, this beach located on Lombok.

The Rinjani Mountain Summit, and Segara Anak Lake
Still in Lombok, this is the higest mountain in here. On the summit, you can see a beautiful lake its called "Segara Anak" lake, and you can catch many fish on there.

Kelimutu Lake, or 3 Colour Lake
No comment for this lake, very beautiful with 3 different colour. And every few months, this lake can change the color of the water. Located on Flores

Do you want to swim? oh no, thats bad idea
Very dangerous

Komodo Dragon
This is the greatest danger, dont try to approach or touching this animals. You can DIE! If you are bitten, 90% you will die or you will undergo amputation. The spit of this animals contains many bacteria. So, be careful.

Traditional House Wae Rebo
Indonesia has many culture, thats is traditional village. Located on Flores
From Jakarta, you can Flight to Lombok and Flores. Or from Bali, you can cross by boat or ferry.

5. Jakarta

Oh shit...! Why Jakarta!!??

Hahaha, why Jakarta? Because this is the capital of Indonesia. This is metropolitan city with all of the problems like jammed, population density, garbage, and many more. But Jakarta has its own beauty.

Im not believe it

Me too

Jakarta is the center of everything. The embassy office is in here, international airport is in here (with many destination), government center is in here. This is the center of Indonesia.

Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK)
Dont worry about tourist attraction, in Jakarta you can visit many place. But you will not be able to find the beautiful beach like Bali, Raja Ampat, Bangka Belitung, and Nusa Tenggara. Jakarta beaches is very dirty :( . In here is bad place for natural tourism. But you can visit Ancol Dreamland for refreshing your mind in Jakarta.

Sea World Jakarta


Monas, The Landmark of Jakarta

Blue Spot
I do not want to explain it further, you can search on google about Jakarta.

6. Tana Toraja

This is cultural tourism. Located on South Sulawesi/Celebes, deep inside the jungle, far from the urban life. 

traditional house

traditional village

This is Tana Toraja, too many traditional culture in here. You will not believe it, a traditional ritual can raise the dead people, like a zombie or mummy. In the anime naruto it called "edo tensei". But edo tensei just a fiction in anime. This is real, only in Indonesia. This is ritual ma'nene. They can stand up, and then walking.

ma'nene ritual
they can walking
What do you think about it?
This is just one of the traditional rituals in Tana Toraja

In the ritual ma'nene, the dead people will be resurrected, and then the dead people walking to their house from their tombs, then they will dressed up and change their clothes (with their family). After that they will go back to their tombs.

Tomb in the stone
Tomb in the cliffs

Indonesia has many culture and mystery... You must know it...
The dead people in toraja will be buried in the cliffs or stone or cave, and then their family will be made a puppet that is similar to the deceased.

Tau tau puppets
Tau tau puppets and the tombs
And many more traditional culture on there. If you want to visit Tana Toraja by plane, you can flight to Tana Toraja Airport (TTR). You can flight from Jakarta (CGK) to TTR

Red spot

7. Cartensz Pyramid

Indonesia is tropical country. Here there are only two seasons, dry season and rain season. No winter, no snow like Russia. But wait, if you miss Russia, missed the cold and missed the snow, this is a good place for you. This is highest peak in Indonesia, this is Cartensz Pyramid, one of the seven summit in the world.
Snow in tropical country
You must have permission, if you want to climb this mountain. Papua is conflict region (not all), on there has a rebels, it called OPM (Organisasi Papua Merdeka) or in english is Free Papua Movement. This group wants to secede from Indonesia, they have weapons and troops. So be careful.

Very high altitude
Not only permits, you must have the equipment for climb this mount. Remember, safety first!

The highest peak in Indonesia
Papua has many natural resource, one of them is mine materials. Herein contained many gold and heard rumors that there are uranium here. Here there is the largest gold mine but does not belong to Indonesia. The mine belongs to the United States of America.

Prepare your equipment and your skill
Cartensz Pyramid or Puncak Jaya is good place for you who love extreme sports. If you want to go here, you have to prepare a lot of money for permission, transportation, logistics, equipment, and others.
Cartensz Pyramid Location
To Be Continue

This has not been completed, just wait, i need more quota and inspiration haha :D okay, see you later :*

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